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Everything you need to know about the pneumatic roto-orbital sander

Everything you need to know about the pneumatic roto-orbital sander


The choice of the type of roto-orbital sander will condition the quality of the sanding, the finish, the efficiency of the work performed, as well as the level of satisfaction and ergonomics of the user.

What should we know to choose a roto-orbital sander

The main aspects to be valued to make a wise decision are:

  • The size of the work areas on which the roto-orbital sander will work: small areas, medium surfaces and large surfaces. For this reason there is a wide assortment of models with different plate diameters: 32, 76, 89, 127, 152, 203 and 280 mm.

  • The sanding capacity required by the type of work to be performed: rough sanding, intermediate sanding, fine sanding and sanding prior to polishing. Sanding capacity in a portable sander depends on the power of the sander motor and the size of the orbit it performs during operation.

  • The level of finish required determines the size of the orbit to be used. The roughing and rough sanding works require the use of 8 or 10 mm orbits that allow a greater starting capacity. On the other hand, fine sanding or sanding works prior to polishing require very small orbits of 2.5 or 3 mm to prevent the dreaded "snail" marks from being visible on the finished surfaces. In intermediate sanding operations the 5 mm orbit is the most used.

  • The weight of the sander is a factor to consider in those sanding works that are carried out with the arm in suspension, where flat planes or vertical surfaces of semi-assembled components or assemblies are sanded. This factor is more relevant if the sanding operation is carried out by female personnel.

  • The type of fastener of the sander is another factor to consider. In roughing and rough sanding operations, the use of sanders with handles is recommended, which allows greater intensity of sanding by distributing the tension between both arms of the sander.

What solutions can we find within the range of rotorbital sanders

The Dynabrade pneumatic roto-orbital sander range is very wide and varied:

  • It has mini sanders for a local sanding, particular of a certain area; with conventional size sanders for medium-sized areas and two-hand sanders for aggressive and fast sanding on large surfaces.

  • It has all orbit sizes: 2.5 mm for the most demanding finishes, 5 mm for the most common sanding works, 10 mm for fast grinding and 19 mm for efficient sanding of large surfaces.

  • In the single-hand roto-orbital sander option, it offers a wide variety of models that allow you to select the best option in each case, according to the criteria of: power, weight, plate diameter and orbit size.

  • Within the range of two-handed sanders we find solutions for aggressive sanding of edges and testes, as well as for efficient sanding of large work areas.

All models (with the exception of mini orbitals) are available in the formats without aspiration, with self-aspirating bag and with aspiration for quick connection to an autonomous aspiration equipment.

Mini roto-orbital sanders

Single-hand roto-orbital sanders

Two-hand roto-orbital sanders

Main technical characteristics of the rotorbital sander

Ergonomics: a decisive factor in professional sanding with a roto-orbital machine

The highly competitive industrial markets demand machines that incorporate ergonomic elements in their design, to facilitate the performance of the work, avoiding as much as possible fatigue or injuries caused by them.

The new Dynabrade EXTREME sander model incorporates 6 comfort improvements for the user:

  • Control lever integrated in the frame to eliminate pressure on the palm of the hand.

  • Comfort platform for wrist support. It guarantees greater comfort and prevents injuries.

  • Comfort grip that incorporates a tactile anti-stress design and generates a greater feeling of warmth over the palm of the hand.

  • Suction hood with perfect fit for excellent dust extraction.

  • Balanced sanding plate to transmit the lowest vibrations and achieve a constant finish.

  • Swivel connection to the suction hose for greater maneuverability.

High quality roto-orbital sanders

Dynabrade is the leading brand in the development and manufacture of pneumatic sanders for different industrial markets.

Its roto-orbital sanders are designed for severe industrial use, in markets as competitive as aeronautics, naval, rail, automobile manufacturing, and the wood and varnish industry, as well as for the rest of the industries where Sand surfaces intensively.

Dynabrade is an innovative and prestigious manufacturer; Their sanders are the most reliable, resistant and ergonomic on the market.

Sanding tips with roto-orbital sander

Knowing the sanding technique is decisive to achieve efficient and quality work. Listed below are a series of easy-to-follow recommendations that will help you get the most out of the sanding process:

  • Run the sander once it is resting on the surface to be sanded, and turn it off once it has been removed from the surface.

  • Do not make excessive pressure on the machine, just enough pressure to be able to hold it and move it over the work area.

  • Always keep the sanding plate in parallel with the surface, avoiding sanding with the edge of the plate.

  • It is advised that the sanding movement be first from north to south and then from east to west.

  • Overlap the passes a quarter of the diameter of the plate to ensure that the initial stripes are removed.

  • Perform sanding operation in two passes.

  • When making a disc change, inspect the surface with greater attention to detect and avoid possible damage by a defective abrasive.

  • Clean the surface dust before re-sanding with a finer grain.

Why buy Dynabrade sanders at Abracom

Industrial sanding operations not only require robust and reliable sanders that guarantee the productivity of the processes and the level of finishing, but also a fast and efficient after-sales service.

Abracom has its own repair and maintenance service, with a large stock of original spare parts and qualified personnel to ensure the quality of service. Contact us and we will advise you.