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Why choose Norton Abrasivos products for your company

Why choose Norton Abrasivos products for your company


Cutting, grinding, polishing, crushing ... for all these processes it is necessary to use abrasives in artisanal processes, but especially industrial ones. To use Norton Abrasivos products manufactured by Saint Gobain is to focus on solutions based on innovation and precision.

With them they can face, with all the guarantees, projects in which it is necessary to shape and finish all types of materials, regardless of their application.

Below we show you why choose Norton Abrasivos products for your company.

Norton Abrasivos: innovation and quality for any sector

What makes Norton Abrasivos brand cutting discs stand out above the rest of those offered in the market are their features and features, which make a substantial difference:

  • One of them is the fact that the discs suffer less wear. If this wear is compared with that presented by other cutting or roughing discs, the Norton withstand long intensive uses because they are manufactured with a new generation of abrasives, which are designed to deal with them with the most demanding operations.

  • On the other hand, Norton discs stand out because with them it is possible to make fast and clean cuts, which prevents the formation of burrs and the risk of abrasions and burns in the parts.

  • The use of Norton discs also has a direct influence on safety, since operators have to apply less force due to the ease of cutting they provide.

  • Norton discs allow you to choose the most suitable model for each application, and within its range special discs for non-metallic cuts are included.

  • They are discs that have a security label, which offers data concerning both safety and the date of manufacture and expiration or the maximum operating speed, among others.

About Norton abrasives: most demanded sectors and products

The sectors for which Norton products are specialized are very diverse, from those that use metals, such as construction, to those that focus their activity on wood, varnished and 'solid surface', as is the case of carpentry, passing by composites. The automotive mechanical industry also benefits from its advantages.

Most demanded Norton abrasive fabrics

Some of the products of Norton Abrasivos that are used in the sanding of different materials are:

  • NOR279: Band made of agglomerated aluminum oxide material, with semi-spaced distribution and polyester support Y valid for both dry and wet sanding operations. It is ideal for polishing and finishing of low alloy carbon steels and stainless steels.

  • NOR929: Abrasive belt designed for metal applications with medium working pressure. Polyester backing Y in coarser grains and X in fine grains. The mixture of ceramic minerals and aluminum oxide makes it suitable for sanding low and medium alloy carbon steels.

  • NOR976P: High performance bands with a combined formulation of ceramic ore and premium aluminum oxide, available up to 150 grit. It incorporates an active third layer antifriction agent. Ideal for applications in metal transformation, rolling, casting, aerospace, and medical market cylinders.

  • NOR275: Velcro discs with excellent performance for use on solid surface, composites, paint and lacquers of high productivity. They have premium aluminum oxide grain and top quality stearate. They do not stain or discolor surfaces and are available in P180 AL P800 grains. They use Light B / C paper as support material.

Do you want to know more about the different abrasives and industrial machinery available for your sector? Check out this post.

  • NOR296: This high quality aluminum oxide abrasive paper that allows a quick cut with a uniform and consistent scratch pattern. Suitable for manual sanding or orbital sander in paint and varnish finishing processes as well as non-ferrous metals.

  • PURE ICE FILM: These discs with polyester film support are flexible enough to work with contoured surfaces with confidence and provide an incredibly fast, smooth and flawless finish in sanding processes with a roto-orbital machine.

  • VORTEX: Vortex non-woven fiber bands combine a strong synthetic mesh and high quality abrasive minerals bonded together thanks to a stain resistant adhesive. The open construction of the non-woven fiber allows an aggressive cut and a better surface finish avoiding burrs. It is an ideal product to obtain an excellent finish, or eliminate burrs without scraping or wear of the piece.

  • NOR996: Product of rigid polyester fabric with YY support in the coarsest grains, of the latest generation of ceramic ore. It incorporates an active cooling compound in third layer. It is perfect for sanding carbon steels, stainless steels and cast iron.

Why choose Norton Abrasivos versus another competitor

Norton Abrasivos is a company belonging to the Saint-Gobain group, a world leader in the industrial, habitat and construction sectors.

Not only is the leading brand for the innovation and technology of its abrasives, but for being a benchmark for the quality of its products and services.

Norton Abrasivos develops products that are the result of the latest advances in research and the use of the latest technology. Thanks to this, it obtains high-performance abrasives, which offer efficiency and productivity in such demanding sectors as the aerospace industry, super-finishes and the automobile industry.

The main advantages of trusting a prestigious brand and doing it with Abracom are:

  • Abracom's specialization as a manufacturer of abrasive belts for the industry.

  • The availability of the specific abrasive for each material and sanding operation.

  • Abracom's experience when addressing manufacturers and professional users of different industrial sectors, such as metal, wood and varnish, construction and contract, footwear and tanning, composites, glass and stone, etc ...

  • The use of the most modern machinery by an experienced, close and decisive team of professionals.

Do you need more information about Norton products and other abrasives available in our catalog? Contact us and we will help you!