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Latest technology machinery for the manufacture of belts

Latest technology machinery for the manufacture of belts


Abracom invests in improvements to its abrasive belt manufacturing plant with the addition of the Skiving Machine by Biko Meccanica.

The CSM05 Skiving Machine from the Italian manufacturer Biko Meccanica enables the manufacture of large numbers of excellent quality belts in a single process. With the best technology, both ends of the abrasive belts are processed simultaneously and continuously. A versatile machine that responds to the primary needs of distributors and users.

Among the benefits that this machine offers to distributors are:

  • Reduction of the manufacturing time of abrasive belts: Improving, even more, delivery times. In this way, distributors will be able to respond quickly to user requirements, which will allow them to reduce belt stocks in their warehouses.

  • Maximum quality in the different types of joints: Distributors are assured the best quality in the different types of joints.

  • Strengthens the image of the distributor: through shorter delivery terms and greater capacity to respond to unforeseen events and emergencies, distributors improve their service and image to their customers.

Users will also benefit from this latest technology by reducing the risk of possible joint marks, while receiving the abrasive belts in less time.

This is due to the six motors in operation and the flexibility that enables adjustments for different types of work, guaranteeing a higher quality belt joint. Furthermore, thanks to the continuous manufacturing process that includes: shelling, sanding, stippling, gluing, drying and pressing in a single machine, handing is avoided, which limits the risk of contamination of the joint, as well as reducing manufacturing times.

This investment in Abracom's abrasive belt manufacturing plant increases the quality of service and optimises the processes for distributors and their customers, thus enhancing the company image of distributors in their respective markets.