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Abrasives and industrial machinery: products for a perfect finish

Abrasives and industrial machinery: products for a perfect finish


In the market there is a wide variety of abrasive products and machinery for different sectors, surfaces and sanding operations. Therefore, we must take into account a series of tips to choose the products we need each time and get the desired finish.

In this post we will see, precisely, the characteristics of the abrasive elements and the machinery that we may need in the different industries, attending to which professional sanders are more common in each sector and which complementary products exist.

Most common abrasives and machinery in each sector

What abrasives and industrial products are most demanded in different sectors? What characteristics do these professional sanders have? Below is a summary of the most common:

Abrasive elements for the metal sector

From the polishing of metals, stainless furniture, cutlery and surgical material, to foundries, railway and naval construction, through the automotive industry and many more uses, the most commonly used abrasives and industrial machinery in the metal sector are:

  • Hand sanding of metals: the use of AMF271 quality is widespread. It is a flexible fabric product, made of aluminum oxide ore. Its great flexibility makes this quality the perfect product in the metal sector and the work with metal parts, since it allows it to adapt perfectly to its contours.

  • Portable metal sanding machines: the ideal disc is the AMF700, a velcro disc, which brings great performance to metal sanding with a roto-orbital machine.

  • Belt sander: inside the metal is the main specialty. Stresses the abrasive AMF870, of rigid fabric with ceramic ore of last generation for sanding of flat and curved pieces of steel, stainless ... Also the AMF330, semi-flexible fabric with polyester and cotton support and aluminum oxide ore, which contains an active lubricant and is specially designed for sanding steels.

  • Sanding with broadband: the AMF250 product stands out, a rigid fabric for sanding flat metal parts with contact sander and aluminum oxide ore.

Abrasives and machinery for wood and varnish

In this sector, the following stand out:

  • Sanding with contact sander: it is the most precise and specialized machine for industrial sanding of flat surfaces.

There are many manufacturers in the market, mainly in Germany and Italy, which recommend different configurations of sanding units (steel roller, rubber roller, sectioned skate ...) depending on the operations to be performed: calibration, intermediate sanding, sanding of finishing and superfinishing of flat surfaces of wood, veneer, melamine, varnished and lacquered.

  • Sanding with long narrow bands: highlights the quality RKJFO, a flexible fabric that adapts very well to the work of parts that have curves. In addition, it has a good quality/price ratio.

At Abracom we have a wide range of rigid fabrics, zirconium ores and more facilities for you to find the abrasive belt you need

  • Roto-orbital machine for wood: in the market there is a wide assortment of qualities designed for sanding wood, varnish, solid surface, composites...

At Abracom we cut the diameter and number of holes you need. We have 40 different disk formats that we can punch.

In addition, the qualities NOR275 (product that leaves an excellent finish) and the abrasive with AMF600 polyester film support, which works very well in virtually all situations and materials, are widely used.

  • Polishing with portable machine: electric, pneumatic or mini polishers, depending on the material to be polished. In Abracom we have all the consumables and the necessary machinery to help achieve good finishes.

  • Sanding by hand: the taco and flat supreme abrasive sponges, with aluminum oxide ore, have a great performance for sanding varnish and wood, standing out from the rest of sponges existing in the market.

In addition to these abrasives and machinery, in Abracom we have sandpaper brushes with tampic hair made to measure with different types of abrasive fabric (aluminum oxide, silicon carbide ...).

We have a wide range of references for sanding moldings and profiles, both flexible and compact abrasive wheels. The abrasive fiber is of a high quality and provides high performance with an excellent finish.

As for paint filters, we also have a very economical line for customers who are looking for a price option.

Abrasive elements for footwear and tanning

Within this sector, sanding with drum sander is the most common option. For this, the products EKA1000 and AP517, rolls of abrasive papers in widths of 610 mm, are the most used for the sanding of tanning. They stand out for their performance and the flexibility of their roles.

For sanding with a contact sander, especially for sanding rubber, rubber or eva, the qualities of rigid fabric with ZY747 zirconium ore and NOR817 quality are found.

For the final finish we have balanced abrasive fiber rollers that will help eliminate any marks that may occur on the plate.

Products for sanding composites

Sanding with portable machines is the most common in this sector. For him, the NOR275 product, made of flexible latex paper with velcro, and aluminum oxide ore with stearate, are indicated for the finishing processes.

In addition, at Abracom we have a solution in abrasive mesh, the NETWORK product, which allows a highly effective aspiration of the powder and that the disc is embossed as late as possible.

Abrasives and industrial products for glass and stone

For the treatment of glass and stone, the following stand out:

  • In the sanding with portable machine: the AMF538 quality stands out, of rigid paper with velcro and silicon carbide mineral available in all the disc formats that the client needs.

  • In sanding with belt sander: for this type of operations we have the product AMF280, which is a waterproof polyester fabric with silicon carbide ore, and the product NOR445C which is a cork band without abrasive ore for polishing jobs .

Abrasive complementary machinery

We have seen the most common options of abrasives and industrial machinery in the different sectors, but these products can still obtain a better performance if they are used with the appropriate complements. The most popular are:

  • In contact sanders: graphite, felt and cooling bands, especially used in the wood and metal sectors.

  • In roto-orbital sanders: plates, interfaces, protectors and converters. They are used in all sectors, except glass, stone and tanning.

  • In polishers: abrasive pastes, polishing sponges-berets, dust catches, very common in the wood and varnish sectors.

Why choose Abracom as your distributor of professional sanders and abrasive products

Abracom is the perfect partner to provide your company with the best abrasives and industrial machinery. We work with the best brands, the most reliable, resistant and ergonomic on the market, and we will also always help you find the abrasive elements that best suit your needs.

If you need advice on which abrasive products are best suited to your needs or want to expand any information, do not hesitate to contact us. At Abracom we will always be happy to help you achieve the perfect finish.